January 10, 2009

Super Savings Saturday: I *heart* Coupons!

I did my main shopping for the week on Monday, spending $76 for $123 worth of groceries at Kroger, a net savings of $47 or 38%. It's important to note that Kroger offers unlimited double coupons, and that they double coupons up to $1.00 (meaning $0.50 and anything higher doubles to a cap of $1.00).

Here's the best deals I found for that trip with coupon (q) match:

Powerade Zero, $0.89
Q Match: $0.40/1, SS 1/4
Q Match: B3G1Free, Red Plum insert my region (Cincy) received by mail last week.
Net Price: (4) for $0.27 or $0.07 ea

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, 2/$6.00
Q Match: $1.00/1, SS 1/4
Q Match: $1.50/2, ShortCuts
Net Price: (2) for $2.50, or $1.25 ea

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Packets (2.6 oz), $1.33
Q Match: B2G1Free, RP 1/4
Net Price: (3) for $2.66, or $0.88 ea

Goody Ouchless Ponytail Elastics, $1.59
Q Match: $1.00/1, ShortCuts
Net Price: (1) for $0.59

Yo-Plus Yogurt, 4pk, $2.29
Q Match: $1.00/1 printable here.
Q Match: $1.00/1 ShortCuts
Net Price: (1) for $0.29

Cottonelle 4pk, $0.99
Q Match: $0.50/1, SS 12/14
Q Match: $0.50/1, ShortCuts
Net Price: FREE or, better - $0.50 overage! Woot!

I headed back to Kroger on Friday to stock up on Iams dog food with the current P&G promotion (buy $25 of P&G products, get an instant $5 off at checkout on your NON-p&G products, limit {2} rewards {$10} per transaction).

To see the full list of products and q matchups, go visit my friend Andrea's post here.

My trip:

I'll be the first to admit that owning one dog, much less two, isn't frugal. But we love our crazy dogs very much. When I can find a great deal on Iams dog food, I grab it.

On this Kroger trip, I spent $21.25 for $77.71 worth of products, a net savings of $56.46, or 73%, and stocked us up on dog food for the next six weeks. Happy me, happy hounds.

Q's used:

$20.00 Kroger Pharmacy Reward for transferring a prescription (this q was in the same RP mailer my region {Cincy} received last week)

$4.00/2 bags Iams dog food (Kroger catalina I received a few weeks ago)

$1.00/1 Crest Toothpaste, PG 12/28

$1.50/1 Crest Toothpaste, P&G E-Saver

$1.00/1 Olay Lotion, PG 12/28

$2.00/1 Olay Lotion, P&G E-Saver

$0.50/1 Dawn Dish Soap, PG 12/28

$0.25/1 Dawn Dish Soap, P&G E-Saver

B2G1Free Starkist, RP 1/4

$0.40/1 Powerade Zero, SS 1/4

I was able to throw the toy car in there (75% off) and the P&G reward covered the cost. We have a birthday party on our family schedule so this will be wrapped and ready to go!

My last stop today was at Walgreens:

This was two transactions.

The first:

Buy (4) Kelloggs Cereal for $10, earn $3.00 Register Rewards
Q Match: $1.00/1 Special K, RP 1/4 or RP 12/14
Q Match: $1.00/1 Frosted Flakes, RP 12/14

I used (2) of each coupon, lowering my total to $6.00

I paid $5.50 with my Easy Saver Rebate from December (it was loaded to my gift card today).

Final total out-of-pocket: $0.50 for $16.00 of goodies, or a savings of 97%.

RR's earned: $3.00

Transaction #2:

(4) Russell Stover Sugar Free Bagged Chocolates (3 oz), $2.19
Q Match: B1G1Free, Walgreens Weekly Ad coupon (printable version here)
Q Match: B2G1Free, SS 11/2

Garnier Nutriste Styler
Q Match: $2.00/1, January Easy Saver Rebate Book coupon (printable version here)
Q Match: $1.00/1, RP 1/4

Hershey Bar
Q Match: 2/$1.00, Walgreens Weekly Ad coupon (printable version here)

Hunts Tomato Sauce
Q Match: 3/$1.00, Walgreens Weekly Ad coupon (printable version here)

My Final total out-of-pocket after all coupons, including the $3.00 RR I earned in the first transaction was $0.21 for $14.82 of goodies, or a savings of 99%.

Summary for this week:

Spent: $98.22
Saved: $134.11 {58%}

If you're in Walgreens, don't forget to check for these coupons in the pharmacy:

How did you do this week? Grab those receipts and tally up your savings! It's fun to see how far you can stretch your dollars with a little planning and a few simple coupons!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow! it is very obvious that you put a lot of work into this blog and what an important resource you are for those who are struggling with this economic environment. Although I am a single grandmother, I am paying much more attention to coupons, sales, bargains, etc. Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Happy Heart Princess: Thanks so much for your kind words. It is work, but it's worth it. I stay focused our financial goals and {hopefully!} help someone else out in the process.

  3. Hi, I'm new to your site and while I greatly enjoy seeing how you do this, I find it all WAY over my head. I mean, you put so much into one post that I can't even begin to process half of it.

    I'm really wanting to become more frugal this year and am trying hard. Do you have some posts that help teach us noobs the basics and terms of what everything means and how it works?

    Thanks for the great work you put into each post. You obviously work hard at it:)


  4. Lori, first -- love your site! I've got Blogging Cents on my list of monetizing your blog sites to read more carefully this year. You've done a great job with it and with earning $$ with your blog.

    I am breaking down how to coupon effectively each Friday of January; my first post in my Back to Basics: Couponing is right here.

    I will be putting hard links to this series and to my other Back to Basics series {Budgeting; posting that each Monday of Janaury} in my sidebar - hopefully later this weekend.

    Have fun at Blissdom (thought I saw you on the speakers list?)! I might be at the next one; a bunch of my bloggy buddies from my area are going to be there.

  5. I didn't know there were new pharmacy coupon booklets out!!!! I must find one!


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