March 24, 2009

Freebie Roundup!

Here's Tuesday's serving of freebies - click 'em and get 'em!

:: Request a FREE sample of All-Bran Pink Lemonade Fiber Drink here.

:: Request a FREE sample of ZGC Tea here.

:: Request a FREE mini-roll of Cottonelle and a sample of Cottonelle Moist Flushable Wipes here.

:: Request a FREE sample of Gas-X Thin Strips right here.

:: Time for Spring Cleaning! Request a FREE Crypton Care Test Kit (Upholstery Cleaner) right here.


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  1. I am new to The New Frugal Mom, and I like it!! But I thought I would let you know that the two freebies that I thought I might be interested in...the fiber lemonade and the cottonelle...both linked back to the originating post.

    I tested Gas-X and ZGC Tea and they linked elsewhere.

    Take care, Kelly

  2. Kelly: Thanks for letting me know; I'll fix the glitch in the HTML so everyone can grab those!


  3. Everyone: The links are fixed; thanks again for letting me know, Kelly!


  4. My first time stopping by here! Great blog :) Going to check out some of those freebies right now!


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