April 1, 2009

Me Elsewhere: The "Green" Side Effect of Frugal Living

I'm chatting today over at Sisterly Savings about one side effect of living more frugally: becoming more "green".

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How about you? Has making a conscious effort to do more with less changed how "green" you are?

As we start April, the month where we celebrate Earth Day, I'd love to hear ways your frugal living has had a positive impact on how much you reduce, reuse, and recycle. Your ideas are bound to help another reader...and hopefully me, too!!

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  1. Ironically, I started using cloth diapers today :)

  2. Yes I find that by using vinegar to clean with and using cloth rags, I am reducing the amount of garbage I throw away as well as helping out the earth. I also make my own bread, and potato chips as a cheaper/healthier alternative to buying prepackaged food and it cuts down on waste. Those are only a few of the things I do. If I can make it myself I do so that it is better for my family, cheaper, and better for the environment


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