April 6, 2009

Money Smarts: Google Ad Sense

Money Smarts is a new weekly feature here at The New Frugal Mom, one that will focus on how to monetize your blog, wahm opportunities, budgeting, and just generally saving more money while earning (legitimately) a few bucks as well.

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Google Ad Sense is a very easy ad program to incorporate into your blog, particularly if you use Blogger as your blogging platform. Google owns Blogger, so if you have a Blogger account, your login/pw at Blogger are also your login/pw for your Google account. AdSense can be added to your account at Google or at your Blogger blog.

If you look at your Dashboard page on Blogger, you'll see that the last tab under your blog title is "Monetize". By clicking on that, you can begin the process of adding AdSense units to your sidebars and/or posts; you'll be walked through setting up your AdSense settings in your Google account and adding the AdSense units to your blog.

You also have the option of adding Google Adsense units by going to the "Layout" section of your blog's dashboard and clicking on "Add A Gadget" where you can click on "Adsense" under the "Basics" section of Gadgets.

Your new Adsense gadget will open up to the "Format" form; here you can select what size you want your AdSense unit to be (the size should be tailored to the location on your blog where you intend to place the AdSense unit), as well as whether you want your AdSense units to be a mixture of text and images or simply text. You can customize the colors or let Google blend the colors to match your current template colors.

Again, if you haven't already set your AdSense settings in your Google account, you'll be prompted to do so. These settings include payment information as well as your unique AdSense Publisher ID.

Payment from AdSense takes a while; you must reach a minimum of $100 in your AdSense account before you receive payment from Google. After that first payment of $100 or greater, you'll be paid monthly. You can receive payment by PayPal or by check; all of the payment information is easily found from the AdSense feature of your Google account.

Now, to make that first $100, you'll need traffic. Lots of it. This is part of the challenge of using any ad program or affiliate as a blogger - how to increase traffic. Best advice?

:: Blog passionately about a topic that you have knowledge of, one that you can share with others looking for information.

:: Reach out to other bloggers via comments, emails, and all the other fun social media tools available.

:: Blog regularly.

:: Offer useful information to your readers for free.

:: Offer giveaways.

:: Join blogging communities in your niche.

The bottom line to building traffic is this: it takes TIME. Blogging isn't a get rich scheme; blog because you love blogging. Improve your blog and build relationships. Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it.

This is just a basic overview of AdSense; there are more features you can use to increase your revenues and improve your blog. I'll touch on those next week.

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  1. I love your advice about gaining traffic. Blog because you love it!

  2. Awesome Advice on Adsense. I think I'll tweak mine.


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