May 4, 2009

Kroger Ad Matchup (Cincinnati Region): May 4 - May10, 2009

This week's Kroger Ad Matchups for the Cincinnati region is back to my usual printer-friendly format, a GoogleDoc. You can view the deals and matchups right here:

Printable Kroger Ad/Coupon Matchup, Cincinnati Region, May 4-May 10

This link will also be updated in my sidebar so you can find this week's deals easily if you're doing your shopping later in the week.

I'm late in getting this posted after having a whirlwind weekend filled with the watching my brother-in-law run the Flying Pig Marathon in downtown Cincy; thanks again for your patience!

Don't forget to drop by on Tuesday for my weekly linkyfest, Let's Go Krogering!. I'll share with you what I found at Kroger this week and then you, my fine Kroger-loving bloggy friends, can link your own Let's Go Krogering! post full of deals as well!

To those of you who posted your Kroger deals last week -- you know it, say it with me....YOU ROCK! {As always, my fine bloggy friends!}

I can't wait to see if anyone finds some good deals this week at Kroger; it's another ho-hum kinda week for the sales. I'm *hoping* for a big, get ready for Memorial Day Weekend sale in the next week or two; until then, share the best deals you can find!

Thanks for reading and subscribing to The New Frugal Mom!

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