May 4, 2009

Money Smarts: FREE Blogging eBook from Scribbit

Have you had the pleasure of reading Scribbit? She's a mom who blogs (quite successfully) from Alaska, and her posts cover a wide range of topics.

Michelle has been blogging long enough and {and well enough} to have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about how to build a successful blog, especially if you're a blogger who also happens to be a mom.

Here's the *great* part!

You can download for FREE Michelle's ebook, Blogging in Pink: A Woman's Guide, from her blog, Scribbit; just look in the top of the left sidebar. You'll find it.

Why am I mentioning this ebook as part of a Money Smarts post?

Well, I know many of you out there are also bloggers who are trying to leverage your love of blogging into a part-time or full-time income. I, too, am stumbling and learning about ways I can generate income from this blog. When I can learn from someone who's already found success as a blogger, I grab the chance; I'm glad I can share this ebook with you.

Now, question time!

What's your favorite blog-building resource? Is it another blogger? Or an ebook or traditional print book? Where have you learned the MOST about building your blog into something bigger and better?

Share your thoughts - I love hearing from y'all!

Thanks for reading and subscribing to The New Frugal Mom!


  1. Money Saving Mom did a blogging for profit series last summer. It seemed to have launched a bunch of new blog sites, including my own!

  2. Jennifer: Yes, I remember that series now that you mention it.

    Crystal @Money Saving Mom is quite a resource, not just for deals but for earning online through blogging.

    Thanks for commenting!


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