May 30, 2009

Weekly Savings Roundup: A Kroger Kind of Week {Month}

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Weekly Savings, May 25-31

No pictures this week; I've been so busy that I was happy just to get the groceries into the house and put away in some sort of order.

I was a Kroger-only kind of girl this week; I made two trips to Kroger for our groceries as well as for some extra goodies for a get-together.

Total Spent (both trips combined): $96.47
Total Saved (both trips combined): $66.09, or 40%

I've really been a Kroger-only shopper all month; May has been so terribly busy for us that I've not set foot in a CVS or a Walgreens since April. Instead, I've been grabbing the best deals I can find at Kroger and using up some stockpiled items (toothpaste, cereal, deodorant).

Although the deals at Kroger haven't been over-the-top crazy, I've still managed to save big on what I did buy. And when our family schedule gets busy, busy, busy, it's nice to be able to get what I need all at one store rather than try to race around town to several stores with one or more kids in tow.

Sometimes simplicity wins out over mega-saving.

I'm on target this week for my budget of $100/week but I still think I'm over for the month. A little quiet time this weekend with my calculator, receipts, and spreadsheets will either prove me right or wrong.

How'd you do this week?

Looking for this week's Kroger deals and coupon matchups? Click here for my printable Kroger Ad Matchup file; print it, grab your coupons, and go save some bucks!

Don't forget to link your best deals at Kroger to my weekly Let's Go Krogering! post. No deal is too small! Come and share, m'kay?!

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