July 12, 2009

Bloggy Update #2: Taking a Week Off for Web Design Issues

Oh my friends, I have spent more hours than I care to count this weekend hack-hack-hacking code behind the scenes here; unfortunately, my investment of time is hard to see on my still messy template.

Not only are my hacking skills failing to fix what I want to fix, Blogger is proving to be ever more troublesome by shutting down on me again and again as I work.

I'm taking this week off to deal with all that I need to do behind the scenes to make this blog both functional and easy on the eyes. There are simply too few hours in the day for me to be mom, hack code, do ad matchups, find deals, and occasionally sleep.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and don't worry - I'm not going anywhere. If you do drop in and find a mess or a 404 Error (which means Page Not Found), it's because I'm sitting at my kitchen table, clutching a mug of coffee, and grumbling about XML code under my breath.

Have a great week and be sure to check the blogs in my blogroll (link is over there in my right sidebar) for the latest deals; my fellow bloggers will make sure you save your $$!

I will still draw and announce the winner of the $10 Half Price Books; check in on Wednesday.

Best to you all! Love you and thanks for understanding!

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