July 16, 2009

Bloggy Update #2 + Test Post

Things look a little different - and hopefully a little better - around here.

I spent some time on Wednesday working on my template once again and I'm happy to say that it's where I want it to be: loading easily, cleaner-looking in design, and a fresh color set that just feels like summer!

I contemplated leaving Blogger altogether (more on that in a bit) and moving to either a self-hosted Wordpress.org blog or Typepad but in the end, my frugality won out and I decided to stay here at Blogger.


Well, running a self-hosted blog powered by Wordpress means you have to pay for the hosting, anywhere from $5/month on up. Typepad hosts their blogs but you pay for that hosting with them as well through their monthly fees, around $9/month for what I needed to do with design and ads.

Blogger, on the other hand, is free and if you're somewhat handy with xml and hacking, you can do quite a bit with creating and designing your templates. A quick Google search of "free blogger templates" will give you more sites than you can shake a stick at, all chock-full of totally free templates.

My friends, free is my favorite flavor; Blogger wins...for now.

The sole reason I seriously considered moving to a new blog platform was the failure of the post scheduling option I've experienced for the last month on Blogger. This is a known issue; many Blogger users are having the same problem as well.

I simply love being able to write posts in bulk and schedule them to publish. Without this function, I end up frazzled and slightly burned out from having to be online all.the.time. I'm a mom first, my friends, and my priorities (my three blue-eyed, blonde priorities) come before blogging.

As a test, I'm scheduling this post to publish at 5:00 am on Thursday, July 16, 2009.

Thanks for reading! Love you all!


  1. Please tell me how (if) you fixed the post scheduling issues! I have the same problem!


  2. Tracey@Be A Wonder: So sorry you're having the post scheduling issue, too.

    It seems to be fixed here on this blog and I wish I could tell you just how it fixed itself but I didn't do anything specific. The only thing I did do as I worked on steamlining this template was to totally reload the template code. I have a blog named "Test Blog" that I have marked "private" where I have the original template code for this blog loaded. That way I can work on changes on the Test Blog without making a mess of the real blog.

    I think that deleting my old template code (it was corrupted from one of my hacks) and loading the fresh code may have done the trick but I can't be certain.

    I'm sorry you're having the same problem - it's maddening!


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