February 16, 2010

Let's Go Krogering! Week of February 15, 2010

Do love finding deals at your Kroger? This feature is for you! Link your post about what deals you found at your local Kroger or Kroger-affiliated store. Simple rules are here; the 149x149 button is in my sidebar.

My {Didn't Happen} Krogering Trip - Monday, February 15, 2010

Peeps, it is snowing like CRAZY here! See?

That's the view from my front door at about 9:30 pm on Monday night; I apologize for the picture quality. Frankly, I was too sick of the snow to spend any more time in it than I already had to day just for a picture!

My normal Monday routine looks like this: drop big kids at school; go Krogering; do the happy savings dance; take photo of my loot from Kroger to share with all you fine folks.

This Monday, however, I spent the day playing Let's Go Shoveling! instead. I cleared the snow twice and it is STILL snowing as of 9:30 pm.

I *might* get out to Kroger on Tuesday after digging out (again!); if I do, I'll add a photo to this post and let you know how I rocked the sale.

**Revised, 6:55 pm, 02/16/10**

I made it to Kroger!  And I am officially SICK of snow.  I think our final total was about 10 inches, but who's counting?!  ;-) 

Here's my trip; not included in the picture is an (8) pk of Bounty Paper Towels and a (12) pk of Scott Bath Tissue, both part of the Daytona 500 promotion.

Spent: $70.15
Saved: $90.81 (56%)

All of the items on the right are Daytona 500 sale items. Once again, THANK YOU Kroger for these awesome stockpiling sales!

I received the $4.00 catalina for buying (6) Pillsbury Grands Biscuits but I did not receive the $4.00 catalina for buying (2) Purex. Has anyone else had any issues with that deal?

Other coupons I used:

Coffee Mate Creamer, 16 oz, $1.76 ea
$1.50/1, Kroger catalina
Final price: $0.26 ea

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips, $1.67 ea (located in the organic section)
Buy1Get1FREE, printable from Coupons.com
Final price: $0.84 ea

Soft Soap, $0.88 ea
$0.35/1, SS 01/31
Final price: $0.18 ea

BumbleBee Tuna Pouch, $1.49 ea
$0.75/1, Kroger catalina
Final price: $0.49 ea


In the meantime, if you've rocked the sale at your Kroger this week, please leave a link to your Krogering post so the rest of us can get the deals you found, too.

Don't forget - this week is the final week of the Daytona 500 Event Sale: Buy 10 particpating items, get an instant $3.00 off your order.  I've detailed some of the cheap & nearly free deals here in my $1 Deals at Kroger post.

Remember to check your weekly ad online for any other items you might need right here.

How'd you do at Kroger (or your Kroger-affiliated grocery store) this week? Link *your* Let's Go Krogering! post or your Kroger matchup post all week and help another reader save some $$!

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  1. I had to email the catalina people for the Purex deal. I bought 5 bottles total and was expecting $9 out of two transactions. :(


    Include the info from the bottom of the receipt, the store number and address.

  2. What size bottles did you purchase? Cat is for 50 oz bottles

  3. What is the catalina people's email address?? Did you get the coupon or a response??
    I did not receive my catalina $4 off catalina coupon either; my tranaction was at the Walton, KY Kroger.

  4. Lauren Keith: The Catalina Marketing email address is:


    I actually emailed them on Wednesday and heard back from them on Thursday; I have to follow up with a scanned copy of my receipt but I was impressed with how quickly they replied.

    I encourage you to email them directly as well and let them know you did not receive the Purex catalina either.

    Best to you!


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