March 4, 2010

Groupon | 50% off at Run, Jump -n- Play in Mason: Available TODAY ONLY!

I'm sure sure SURE you've seen Groupon's ads by now - they've had quite a few on Google Ads lately and they're popping up all over the place on the web.

Groupon's premise is simple. Each day, a new deal is featured that's available only that day. If enough people opt to buy that deal, it becomes available. Essentially, the deal happens when a certain "tipping point" happens, the point when enough people are purchasing the deal that the retailer will benefit even despite the deep discount they are offering.

You do need to register for Groupon to get these deals (if you choose to get them); you can get started here.

Groupon is available in several metro areas including mine, greater Cincinnati.

I'm mentioning Groupon today because they've got a great family-friendly deal!

$10 for $20 worth of Kids Playtime and Party Zone Sessions at Run, Jump, -n- Play in Mason (expires in 1 yr; limit 1 per person).

My kiddos love this place but it can be spendy! This is a nice way to buy a "rainy day" treat for your kiddos. ;-)

Click here to grab this before it's gone at midnight!


  1. OK...I think I am confused.

    Most of the activities are $7, $8, etc.

    I have 2 do they just ring up a total for the kids and it is $20 off total order?

    Or will I lose out on some of the value if I only can use the certificate toward one kid's activity?

    (maybe I am over thinking this...?)

  2. *

    This is from the language on the Groupon for this deal:

    "Limit 1 per person. Not valid with other offers. Must redeem in 1 visit, no cash back."

    I took this to mean you (or any other Groupon user) can only buy (1) of these deals.

    It would appear on face value that if you must redeem it in 1 visit, you can use the Groupon for 50% off a $20.00 value (that you're paying $10 for) toward your entire final total, whether you use it for one or two kids or toward a birthday party or mini golf or whatever.

    So if you have (2) kids doing the Open Play for $7 ea, that would be $14; you could bring a friend of your children and pay for them, making your total $21. With the Groupon applied, your final total should be $11 for (3) open plays.

    Does that make sense? It looks like you'll need to have a minimum of $20 of playing in (1) visit for this Groupon to work; I don't know if the discount of 50% would apply if your visit total was less than $20.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for your response ^^^.

    I definitely need to go to the site and do some more cyphering :)


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