March 12, 2010

HOT DEAL | Get 18% Cash Back on Turbo Tax Filing Through Shop at Home - TODAY Only! (3/12)

I have a funny but true story for you this Friday morning.

Earlier this week, Knute (my hubs) and I were chatting about our finances, our plans, and that ever so fun task that rolls around this time of year, doing our taxes. For the past several years, we've paid a CPA to handle our taxes but this year, having spent a great deal of time researching how to claim my blogging income as well as any products I received to review, I decided (as I told Knute) to file them myself.

"Okay," he said, smiling.

"What?!" I asked. "I can totally do this. I mean, I already handle all the other financial stuff."

And, I thought to myself, there's a sweet deal on Turbo Tax on Friday through Shop at Home!

So last night, I sat down with all of our tax information. I was determined to get 'er done so that this morning I could simply click SUBMIT and be done with it.

My plan didn't last too long; it was late, I was tired, and I'd forgotten we'd moved some of our investments last year (on the advice of our financial planner) and we'd taken a loss on capital gains. In fact, that one piece of the puzzle is what did me in. I logged out of Turbo Tax, organized everything into one tidy stack, and shoved it into a big envelope to send to my CPA.

Oh well - there's always next year, right? ;-)

Even though I waved the white flag on doing my taxes doesn't mean you can't grab today's Daily Deal at Shop at Home.

If you file through the Daily Deal link available today ONLY at Shop at Home and you'll receive DOUBLE cash back - 18%! - on your filing fees. Yes, the 1040EZ is free to file, but anything more complex (have kids or a house and you're more complex!) requires you to pay a federal filing fee - and don't forget you'll need to pay state filing fees as well.

This deal is available March 12, 2010, only; even if you can't get your filing done today, you can still receive 9% cash back on your filing fees using Turbo Tax through Shop at Home.

Don't have a Shop at Home account? Click here to sign up and you'll also receive a $5.00 bonus credited to your account just for joining.

I sure hope this little deal helps one of you - I have a feeling there are some seriously tax savvy readers out there!

(And FYI, I'm taking my honking huge envelope to the post office later this morning to send to my CPA!)

Enjoy...and feel free to giggle at my tax-addled antics!

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