March 11, 2010

HOT DEAL | March to Savings Sale Mega Event at Kroger: Begins 3/15!

Have you been playing the March to Savings game at I haven't won anything yet, but there are some nice little prizes. You can play every day so be sure to check it out!

Even better than winning a prize is the upcoming March to Savings sale event! Time to get ready to save BIG, my fellow coupon freaks!!

Starting March 15, the March to Savings sale will be running at Kroger:

Mix or Match 8 Particpating Items and Get an Instant $4.00 Off Your Order

To get a glimpse of what the participating items will be, look here.

To get a look at some of the early matchups for available coupons for the participating items, look here. Note that the prices aren't yet availble on the participating items.

This sale will be a GREAT stock up event, so plan on getting your coupons organized this weekend. And even if you don't know the sale prices on the items yet, you might see some items that you know you'll need extra coupons for so be sure to hop over here and get your extra coupons ordered soon.

Woohoo!! It's going to be a great week to go Krogering!!


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  1. Keep playing! Yesterday I won a Lunchables and today I won the $5 store credit. I never thought I'd win twice, let alone two days in a row! Kroger rocks and I can't wait for the sale.....



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