March 31, 2010

Kroger My Magazine Coupons | Question & Answers

Recently, reader Amanda C. emailed me with a question about the Kroger My Magazine coupons.

I love the “Let’s go Krogering” you do each week!!! Where do you find the Kroger My Magazine coupons? I have been shopping at Kroger more often & would love to make the most of my shopping trips.

I didn't know the official answer off the top of my head so I contacted one of the PR representatives for Kroger with whom I've worked in the past. She took Amanda's question to her contacts at Kroger corporate and this is the answer she emailed me:

Kroger has about 40 "themed events" that they publicize through My Magazine on an annual basis. Shoppers who have made purchases in similar product categories are queued up to receive similarly-themed My Magazines based on those previous purchases. In other words, distribution is linked to Kroger Plus Card activity and isn't something that is available for sign up.

I know that I've received more and more of these My Magazine mailers as I've become a savvier couponer at Kroger. Since I primarily shop the sale events with coupons, I assume that my shopping activity has been the primary factor in that increase.

Thanks to Amanda for the question and to the great PR representative (holla, L!) for her help in getting an answer!

Do you receive these mailers? Have you seen an increase in how many you receive as you shop the sales with coupons more and more?


  1. I dont receive the magazine and kroger is the primary store I shop at. I have contacted kroger customer service numerous times and been told they would put me on the list, but I have never received the magazine. Very frustrating!

  2. I recently updated my information with Kroger online. Since I updated, I have received lots and lots of coupons. Last week, I got two coupons for $8off/$80. Yes, my grocery bill is usually at least $80 so I was glad to get it! I have gotten several My Magazine's and several of what I call "customer specific" coupons with lots of freebies.

  3. I just received that same booklet and was ecstatic. My first Kroger booklet! I can't wait to use all the great coupons inside.

  4. I'm not kidding, I'm at Frys daily. and I do receive these coupon booklets weekly as well. I love getting them!

  5. When most people sign up for their Plus Card they only give their email and not their mailing address, therefore, they won't receive the mailed coupons. Go to customer service with your plus card to update your info. Once updated, it will take a few months for them to categorize your shopping habits to send you your targeted coupons. Enjoy!


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