March 16, 2010

Let's Go Krogering! Week of March 15, 2010

Do love finding deals at your Kroger? This feature is for you! Link your post about what deals you found at your local Kroger or Kroger-affiliated store. Simple rules are here; the 149x149 button is in my sidebar.

My Krogering Trip, Monday, March 15, 2010:

Spent: $24.93
Saved: $75.91 (75%)

This week and next week are SUPERB weeks to go Krogering! The March to Savings Mega Event (Buy 8 participating items, get an instant $4.00 off your order) is in effect; this sale offers a great opportunity to stockpile on much needed items so be sure to order coupons early for maximum savings.

I only grabbed a few things this week. Best deal? The Bumblebee Tuna pouches which are a $0.50 money maker after the sale discount and manufacturer coupon. My hubs noshes on these for lunch at work so I'm always stockpiling them even when they aren't on sale - to get them for FREE + overage makes my frugal feet do the happy dance!

In the picture above, all the items on the left side of the red line are the Mega Event items I purchased and all are name brand groceries. I point this out because one *myth* about saving money at the grocery store is that you'll never be able to buy name brand items that cost top dollar. As much as I like a good store brand (and Kroger brands are quite good), the truth is in that picture above: with strategic use of coupons week in and week out, you can not only enjoy name brand grocery and household items, you can save 50% or more off that top dollar price.

Here's the coupons I used this week:

Mega Event Items

Irish Spring 3 pk, $1.50 | $1.00 after sale discount
$0.50/2, SS 03/14
Final price: $0.50 ea

Bumblebee Tuna, $0.99 | $0.49 after sale discount
$0.55/1, SS 02/21
Final price: FREE + $0.51 overage!

Kraft Cheese, $2.17 | $1.67 after sale discount
$1.00/1, Kroger loyal customer mailer coupon
Final price: $0.67 ea

Kraft Cheese Singles, $2.17 | $1.67 after sale discount
$1.00/2, Kroger loyal customer mailer coupon
Final price: $1.17 ea

Nabisco Crackers, $2.49 | $1.99 after sale discount
$1.00/1, SS 01/24
Final price: $0.99 ea

Classico Sauce, $1.99 | $1.49 after sale discount
$1.50 off ground beef WYB (2) Classico Sauce, SS 03/14
Final price: $1.49 ea + $1.50 off the ground beef!

Smart Balance Sticks, $1.99 | $1.49 after sale discount
$1.00/1 Kroger catalina (*Another one printed for me today, too!*)
$0.55/1 Kroger loyal customer coupon
Final price: $0.49 ea

Birdseye Steam Vegetables, $2.18 | $1.68 after sale discount
$0.35/1, SS 02/28
Final price: $0.98 ea

Ken's Dressing, $1.99 | $1.49 after sale discount
$0.50/2, SS 03/07
Final price: $0.99 ea

Other coupons I used:

Bob Evans Sausage Biscuits, $4.91 ea
FREE any Bob Evans frozen item up to $5.00, coupon I received last fall from a Bob Evans event
Final price: FREE!

Danonino Yogurt, $2.49 ea
$0.55/1, SS 02/28
Final price: $1.49 ea

Kroger Corned Beef, $6.47
$1.50/1, Kroger My Magazine coupon
Final price: $4.97
(*A $2.00/1 catalina for Kroger Corned Beef printed for me as well - I'll save it for an after St. Patrick's Day sale!*)

Ground Beef, 5lbs, marked down to $2.99 for quick sale
$1.50/1 5 lbs, Kroger My Magazine coupon
Final price: FREE with this coupon + the $1.50 off WYB (2) Classico Sauce!

To see this week's ad matchup, click here (thanks, Mommy Snacks!).

Remember to check your weekly ad online for any other items you might need right here.

How'd you do at Kroger (or your Kroger-affiliated grocery store) this week? Link *your* Let's Go Krogering! post or your Kroger matchup post all week and help another reader save some $$!

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  1. Is this sale for this week only? Thanks.

  2. Pam: This is a two week sale event. ;-)


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