March 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday | Week 3 of My 5 Week Menu Plan

I plan my family's dinners in five week blocks to maximize my savings at the grocery store and minimize my stress at dinner time. You can read more about my strategy here in my Q&A post here.

I also answered several more questions about how I plan my big ol' menus and how I shop for them.  For more Q&A (because you're just dying to know, right?), click here.

This week, I'm back on track with Week 3 of my latest 5 Week Menu Plan.

It's amazing how much more money I'm saving by planning my menu plans in bigger chunks of time. Before, when I planned a week at a time, I also saved money by matching my menu to the weekly sales.

But writing a monthly plan (or slightly longer) allows me to buy ahead for the month, stockpiling items like meats or cheese when they're at the lowest price. The end results? Greater overall savings plus less time worrying about that question that plagues all of us moms - What's for dinner? ;-)

Here's what's on the menu this week from Week 3 of my latest 5 Week Menu Plan.


Slow Cooker Cream Cheese & Black Bean Salsa Chicken, Easy Quesadillas, Salad


Taco night! (Make double meat for the freezer.)


Hot Dogs, Mac&Cheese, Salad, Veggie Sticks


Baked Ziti, Bread, Salad


Free night!


Breakfast for dinner: Waffles, Eggs, Fruit


Crockpot Roast Beef, Buttered Egg Noodles, Steamed Veggies

The links to all the recipes above can be found at in my 5 Week Menu Plan post right here.

Be sure to visit the Meal Plan Monday linkeroo over at to get more menu plan ideas and share yours as well!

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