March 6, 2010

What I Saved at the Stores {Week 9 of 2010}

Each Saturday, I detail what I spent and saved at the stores; this weekly post is my way of keeping myself on track for my weekly budget goals in 2010.

I hope that by sharing what I saved that you'll be inspired to keep couponing week in and week out.  Over time, your stockpile of high-use items for your family will grow and your total weekly bill will keep coming down, down, down!

What I Saved at the Stores: Week 9 (March 1-7)

Kroger (03/01)

No Krogering trip this week! 

To see why I skipped Krogering this week and to read the links of what other bloggers saved at their Kroger this week, read my weekly Let's Go Krogering! post.

Aldi (03/01 - Trip 1)
(Eggs were $0.59/doz!)

Spent: $11.90
Saved: $0.00

Aldi, Trip 2 (3/5/10)
(No picture; milk is $1.29/gal & grapes are $0.79/lb!)
Spent:  $9.32
Saved: $0.00

Save a Lot (3/1/10)
(Chicken Breasts are $3.88/3lbs + there are several printable coupons
 available for Save a Lot brands here.)

Spent: $14.90
Saved: $4.59 (24%)

(Two trips!  Wags ROCKED this week! To trackback
 to all the coupons I used for these trips, click here.)

Trip 1 (3/4/10)

Spent: $9.32
Saved: $50.51 (84%)
Earned: $6.00 RRs

Trip 2 (3/5/10)

Spent: $1.88
Saved: $28.95 (94%)

CVS (3/5/10)
(I had ECBs expiring that I needed to roll.)

Spent: $1.11Saved: $14.78 (93%)
Earned: $4.00 ECBs

Weekly Totals
Saved: $98.83 (67%)

My weekly goal for my grocery/household budget is $80/week. Although this week's total makes me look like I'm waaay under for my budget goal, I'm also counting a trip I made to Kroger last weekend for my HouseParty toward this week's budget; I spent $55.00 and saved $45.95 (45%).  Adding those totals into my weekly spending puts me at $103.43 spent and $144.78 (58%) saved.

I'm over by $23 for this week but I'm sure I'll be able to make up for that in the coming weeks. Our household needs are well stocked (I'm running out of places to stash laundry detergent!) and our freezers and pantry are well-stocked as well. Besides, I like a good math challenge!

If you're new to the fabulous world of keeping more of your hard earned money in your pockets by strategic couponing and drugstore shopping, I encourage you to read these posts to help you get started.

Couponing Crash Course

How to Save BIG at CVS

How to Save BIG at Walgreens

You can save like this, too!  In fact, I know you can do this; if you're surfing the web reading this site and others like it, you can learn all you need to know. 

If you have any questions, please ask in a comment!  I love to share what I know about couponing and saving money with you -- it's why I write this site.  ;-)

Did you save big this week at the stores? Be sure to link your post up over at Money Saving Mom's weekly linkup, Super Savings Saturday.

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