May 10, 2010

Milestone Monday | Celebrating Victories {*New Feature*}

Have you reached a milestone, conquered a challenge, or met a goal - big or small - that you've been working toward for a while? Maybe it's financial, maybe it's health related, maybe it's a career or a personal goal or something simple like finally getting a closet cleaned out - whatever it may be, celebrate your success!

Post about your victories at your blog and link them to my Milestone Monday post every Monday; the MckLinky will be open for the following week I'll add a tab labled "MM" to the navigation bar at the top of my site for easy reference.

A little after the new year arrived, my husband Knute and I set some fresh financial goals for 2010.

The biggest one: eliminating our debt without liquidating any investments to do so and while continuing to save cash for next year's parochial school tuition for our two oldest children (something we save and pay in full each August to save $$ by avoiding the 10 month payment plan that charges simple interest).

Our debt was spread across three categories: revolving credit card debt, a secured loan (we took losses on two houses in a row as we moved for jobs - oy!), and our current mortgage.

We went after the credit card debt first; I am happy (soooo happy) to say that as of today, it is g.o.n.e. GONE!

While this is a big step toward our long term goals, it's just one small step. And it's one we've made before - we've had periods of time in our marriage when we had zero credit card debt, paying any charges that we incurred off every month.

The key this time is to make it stick, something we are both committed to doing and something that our life (given our relative stability now as compared to 2005-2007) now will help us do.

While we could have liquidated an investment to get out of debt sooner, we chose not to go that route. Like everyone else with investments, ours took a whopper of a hit in 2009 as the stock market trembled and fell; selling just didn't make sense, especially since I knew we could pay the debt off in a few months as long as we were persistent and goal-driven.

Yesterday, we celebrated just a little bit...a night out for dinner for both Mom's day (yay me!) and the done debt.

And tomorrow?

We start planning our work and working our plan for the next milestone on our horizon. More about that next Monday...

Have you reached a milestone this week? Big or small, take a moment to celebrate your victory. I hope you'll share your success and link your own Milestone Monday post below to encourage and inspire others!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Gives me encouragement!!!

  2. So excited for you, Mare!! And, so appreciate you keeping it real with your goals too!


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