July 17, 2010

HOT DEAL | Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops, 150 count for $9.00 with FREE Shipping

I've been waiting for a deal on these to roll around again because I always see them featured on posts in my Google Reader, then click through to find that the deal has expired.  Bummer!

Right now, you can get YummyEarth Organic Lollipops, Assorted Flavors, 150-Count Container* for $9 with FREE shipping from Amazon.

The current price is $10.48, but if you sign up for "Subscribe & Save" (to have them delivered 1x a month) you'll save 15% off the current price, dropping it to 150 lollipops for $8.91 and...best part...you'll get FREE shipping.

After your order has been received, if you don't want to continue getting these shipped every month (at the full price of $21, I sure don't), you'll just need to cancel the Subscribe & Save option. Just make a note on your calendar when you place your order so that you'll remember to cancel that service later.

I've read lots of rave reviews about how good these are on several blogs (like this one and this one); I'm sure my kids will be thrilled to see these arrive! And I'm thrilled that the unit cost ends up being about $0.06/lollipop!


*Yup, you guessed it; that's my personal Amazon Associate affiliate link; if you do order through that link, thank you! I appreciate your support. For more on my disclosure policy, click here.

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