October 8, 2010

Hello! Let's Go Krogering! coming later today!

Well, hello there, my frugalista friends.  You look lovely today - you sure know how to rock those Clearance rack deals and your FREE with ECB makeup is glowing.  ;-)  Frugal living sure looks good on you.

It's so nice of you to click on in to see what's happening with me - I much appreciate your time!

Thanks for stopping by after my long absence (although it's odd that a couple of weeks away from blogging equals a long absence but that's the nature of blogging about deals!); I am here and all's well with me and mine...except for the never ending stomach flu that has been running through my family.  Need I say *yuck*?

I'm still working on tweaking this site and redesigning as well as rethinking how I want to blog here.  I want this site to be a resource that will stand the test of time, one that I can realistically manage on my own and grow at my own pace {which, if you hadn't noticed yet, is glacial.  ;-) }.  Deal blogging is intense simply because of the sheer amount of deals available on any given day, from grocery and drugstore matchups to online deals to freebies -- there's always some hot deal happening. 

While I want this site to help you find the deals you need, I want to also create a resource that is more than deals.  I myself don't chase down every deal (ie: this week, I hit the Mega Event at Kroger on Friday -- we've all been too sick to eat much more than bread and water at my house; some weeks, you just don't need as much as others) and I want you to know that because it's easy to get trapped by a misplaced sense of urgency when it comes to deal-hunting. 

I know because I've done it myself.  ;-)

So, I want this site to be a resource, yes, but a thoughtful one, one that you'll want to spend a few minutes with because it inspires and encourages you.  Like my motto says, I really do believe we can spend less and do more, not just when it comes to financial matters but when it comes to how we spend our timeYour time is your most valuable resource -- you can't make or earn more of it -- and I want to encourage you to think about spending less of it worrying over every missed deal, freebie, or sale and simply use those minutes, hours, and days to do more of what you love

I'm trying to do this myself.  ;-)

To that end, I promise to keep working behind the scenes to finish cleaning and designing and outlining a plan of where I want this site to go and how I can make that happen.  All of those ideas radiate out from one central point:

What do I have to share that I think might be useful, encouraging, and helpful to you, too?

I'll be back later this afternoon with my Let's Go Krogering! post -- don't forget the Mega Event runs through Sunday, October 17, 2010 in the Cincinnati region so you have plenty of time to find, clip, and use numerous coupons to help grow your stockpile while reducing your grocery budget.

My very best to you, dear readers.  I thank you for reading this and for your kind words. 


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  1. Was glad to see you back Marianne. I have been following your blog for 2 years and love how you post pics to what you get at Kroger. It helps me a little more to see what you are getting for your money...

    Hope everyone feels better soon!



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