October 28, 2010

Remke/Biggs SUPER DOUBLE Coupons 10/29 {Mason, OH Only} | Find Hidden Deals Using In-Store Special Search at Remkes.com!!

So, as I noted in this post, Remke/Biggs is having a 1 Day Super Double Coupon Event tomorrow, (Friday, 10/29 6 am - 11 pm) only at their Mason, OH store.

I finally had a chance to sit down today (a few minutes ago, to be exact!) and start organizing for this awesome stockpiling event.

When I hopped over to the Remkes.com to check the sale ad online, I noticed how much the site has changed since Remke bought out Biggs.

Changed for the better, that is, especially one nifty little feature that I promise will rock your couponing socks right off your toes!

Take a look at this (don't worry, I'll explain in a second!):

Remkes.com not only has their normal Weekly Ad available online (nothing new or spectacular about that), they also have a feature tab called  "In-Store Specials" where you can search for unadvertised in-store specials.

Oh my sweet clipping scissors!

In the screenshot above, I searched the category "Dairy" then the sub-category "Eggs" and found that Egg Beaters, 16 oz, are on sale (unadvertised) for $2.79, a savings of $0.50 from their usual price of $3.29.

Ok, great, you might be thinking, but what's the big deal?  Why is this so darn exciting?

Because if you're headed to the Mason, OH store for the (1) Day Super Double Coupon Event, you can first search for unadvertised "In-Store Specials" that you might need to stockpile and then you can search the free coupon database at HotCouponWorld (click here) to find any available coupon matchups. 

To fininsh my Eggbeater example, a quick search of the free database at Hot Coupon World showed a $0.75/1 printable here.  Tomorrow (10/29), that coupon will double to $1.50/1 so my final price would look like this:

Eggbeaters, 16 oz, $2.79 ea
$0.75/1 printable here (doubles to $1.50/1)
Final price: $1.29 ea

This is kind of a big deal, my fellow couponistas!

Ok, so here's your action items to get ready for tomorrow (after checking out the list of known sale/coupon matchups here):

:: ONE - Go to Remkes.com

:: TWO - Make sure you have the Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason, OH store selected as your location here

:: THREE - Click on "Weekly Ads" in the red tabs

:: FOUR - Click on "In-Store Specials" in the orange tabs

:: FIVE - Search your little coupon-loving heart out for hidden deals that you need for your stockpile!

:: SIX - Last, search for the best coupon matchups for those hidden deals at Hot Coupon World (remember, $1.00-$1.99 coupons will double to a maximum doubled value of $2.00)

:: SEVEN - Sleep well, couponista, for the coming dawn will bring a day of couponing to thrill even the most jaded coupon lover's heart!  ;-)

Ok, see you at Remkes tomorrow!  I've got some serious organizing to do tonight!

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