November 17, 2010

Let's Go Krogering! Week of November 15, 2010 {Countdown to T-Day!}

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My Kroger Trip, Tuesday, 11/16/10


Spent: $48.84
Saved: $57.92 (54%)
Earned: $3.00 oyno catalina for buying (4) Duracell &
$3.00 oyno catalina for buying (6) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

It's a great week to finish grabbing what you need at Kroger for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast .  I've still got a few "must haves" on my big T-Day list but the biggie is done....we have a TURKEY!  ;-)

I actually didn't make it to my Kroger for my weekly couponista bonanza until Tuesday.  I was gone most of this weekend (running a Girl Scout event at one of our local camps) and came home on Sunday only to have to run right back out for a baby shower for a dear friend (always a happy occasion!).  Between my absence this weekend and the dr. appts on Mon & Tues for my kiddos, I am one waaaaaay-behind blogging mama!

But, as I told my hubs (who asked late Monday night if I'd been Krogering yet), I'd rather wait an extra day or so to get to Kroger if it means I'll have time to build my list, gather my coupons, and save big.  I can't stress this next point enough....

Shopping without a list and/or a menu plan will kill your budget. 

I've made this mistake myself - in fact, in my recent not-so-frugal-mom days, I fell into this trap quite a bit.

I could go a-Googling and find a bunch of studies and statistics about shopper behavior to back up my point but I don't think I need to do that.  If you've ever "just stopped in to the grocery store for a few things" and come out with $50 less in your pocket only to find out when you get home that you still need the basics to make dinner, etc, you know what I mean! 

The clever marketers in the grocery business do their best to sell to our impulses rather than our needs.  It's up to you, my supersmart couponistas and frugalistas, to outsmart them with your superior organization skills and a rock-solid will to stick to your list.  You can do it!

Ok, enough said!  You want to know how I got those deals above, right?   That's why you're here.  ;-)

Here's the coupons I used yesterday, 11/16/10.  Please remember that I shop Kroger | Cincinnati Region where they allow unlimited doubled coupons and double coupons to a maximum doubled value of $1.00.

Butterball Turkey, 12+ lbs, $13.74 ($1.09/lb)
$4.00/1 Butterball Turkey wyb (4) participating products (I bought the PB Crescent Rolls), SS 11/07
Final price: $9.74 ($0.81/lb)
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, $1.50 ea
++ Buy 6, earn a $3.00 catalina OYNO ++
$0.40/2, SS 10/24
$0.40/2, SS 11/07
$0.40/2, GM 11/14
Final price: $1.10 ea

Kraft Cheese, $2.29 ea
$1.00/2, Kroger My Magazine {Giving Thanks}
Final price: $1.79 ea

General Mills Trix Cereal & Cheerios, $2.49 ea
++ Buy 4 participating GM Cereals/Pillsbury products, get an instant $4 off at checkout ++
$1.00/2, GM 11/14
Final price: $0.99 ea (after coupon + instant discount)

Pillsbury Simply Cookies, $2.49 ea
++ Buy 4 participating GM Cereals/Pillsbury products, get an instant $4 off at checkout ++
$0.55/1, GM 10/03
Final price: $0.49 ea (after coupon + instant discount)

Duracell Batteries, $1.99 ea (regularly priced $3.85)
++ Buy $15 of participating Duracell Batteries, get a $3.00 catalina OYNO ++
(NOTE: As I had *hoped* when I saw this catalina, the $15 total is based on the regular price, not the sale price!  I bought only 4 packs and earned the catalina.  WOOT!)
$1.50/1, RP 11/14
$0.75/1, PG 10/10
Final price: $0.49-$0.99 ea

Green Giant Boxed Vegetables, $0.88 ea
$0.60/3, GM 11/14
Final price: $0.55 ea

Coffee-Mate Creamer, $2.50 ea
$0.55/1, RP 11/14
Final price: $1.50 ea

Suave Deodorant, $0.88 ea
$0.75/1, RP 11/14
Final price: FREE!

Diet Dr Pepper 12 pk, $3.67 ea
$1.00/1, Kroger catalina (Like I mentioned last week, I'm getting OODLES of these when I check out)
Final price: $2.67 ea

Wheat Thins & Ritz Crackers, $1.99 ea
$1.00/2, SS 11/14
Final price: $1.49 ea

Redi Whip, $1.99 ea
$0.35/1, SS 11/14
Final price: $1.29 ea

To see the matchups for this week at Kroger, click here (thanks, Savings Lifestyle).

Did you find any unadvertised deals or awesome closeouts at Kroger this week?  Share 'em in a comment below or add your own LGK! post & superstar shopper picture to the linky below.

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