November 30, 2010

Let's Go Krogering! Week of November 29, 2010 {Mega Sale Madness Returns!}

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My Kroger Trip, Monday, 11/29/10

Yup, you've got it right my frugalista friends - I haven't bought a thing yet at Kroger this week and {gasp!} I don't have any plans to go Krogering, either. 

It's not that I've fallen out of love with Kroger (that'll never happen). Or that I'm not excited about the new Mega Event sale event that just started yesterday (you know I am, baby!). 

It's simply that after last week's Kroger trip (which in all the craziness leading up to T-Day, I didn't post) and after finding ample ingredients for dinner this week when I looked through my pantry, refrigerator, and freezers, I realized I didn't need to go Krogering this week.  A quick trip to Aldi for milk and produce was all I needed to do and let me tell you, I (and my grocery budget) are mighty happy about that, too!


Well, this is my receipt from *last* week's Kroger trip:

Kroger 11/23/10

Spent: $116.07
Saved: $92.17 (44%)
Earned: $3.00 oyno catalina for buying (4) Duracell &
$3.00 oyno catalina for buying (6) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
$3.00 catalina for buying $10 of Pepperidge Farm products (bread)
(Oh, and I paid w/my Visa CHECK card - just to be clear!)


Of course, as I pointed out in this post, while I aim for $80/week for our grocery/household item budget that number is fluid; I average the total over a 4-5 wk period so the truer statement would be that I aim for a *monthly* grocery budget of $320.

When the sale weeks are great, I can stock up for low cash; when the sale weeks aren't  - or when we're hosting a celebration for our family - I have wiggle room to spend a little more.  If it averages out in the end, I'm happy.  ;-)

So there you have it - a week without Krogering for me.  It does happen! 

That doesn't mean that YOU can't go Krogering and share your deals!  I'd love to see them!

And if you're looking for the best matchups for the current Mega Event sale, you can see the advertised ones here and the unadvertised ones here (thanks, Savings Lifestyle).

What did you score on YOUR Krogering trip this week? Share your deals with us! Just add your own LGK! post & superstar shopper picture to the linky below.

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