January 4, 2011

2011 Goals | KISS My Life

I've been thinking a lot about what I want my goals for 2011 to be. I'm not one for grand resolutions because I know myself too well; we TypeA folks have a tendency to over-reach. Setting one big goal is doable; setting ten big goals might be a bit too much.

So my goal for 2011 is simple and two-fold:

KISS my life.

One, I want to continue simplifying all the areas of my life (Keep It Simply Simple)*. Saying, "NO" to extra things, extra commitments, extra pressures, etc, is a big part of this.

Planning ahead is another big part of KISS. If I have plans and processes in place for the everyday gotta-get-er-done kind of things, I don't have to stress or over-analyze or (as I am apt to do because I have - as my hubs Knute likes to call it - an "itchy trigger finger" {lol}) hit the big red panic button.

Two, I want to simply KISS my life. I want to LOVE live, my life, and all that's good in it. I want to be more present in the present with the people I love. My life is a good life and I'm one lucky penny to be so well blessed.

As for this blog, my KISS goal is to finish cleaning up behind the scenes and to implement a new publishing schedule. A while back when I first changed the blog design, I changed my header and tag line as well to reflect how I want to grow in 2011.

The words "Clip | Cook | Create" are up there at the top of my header for a reason. I'll be rolling out a new weekly posts based on those words: Monday will feature a COOK post; Wednesday will feature a CREATE post; Friday will feature a CLIP post.

Tomorrow, I'll run the first CREATE post; be sure to check back for it. You won't want to miss it, really, because my one other goal in 2011 is to push myself outside of my comfort zone by trying new things. Hmmm.....

Thanks for reading, for subscribing, for commenting, and for being all-around awesome. ;-)

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