January 8, 2011

Coffee & Clicks | January 8, 2011 Edition #2

I subscribe to several (LOTS) of blogs in my Google Reader because it's the easiest way to keep up-to-date with information I need like ad matchups, coupons, and deals.

Using Google Reader also gives me the chance to hop through recent posts at different blogs and read what catches my eye. Whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare in the kitchen (which is where my laptop sits on the counter), I scroll through and read a bit of this or a snippet of that.

There are always a few posts that stick with me and make me think - and those posts aren't always personal finance/coupon posts, either. My mind wanders down interesting and scenic side paths pretty easily. ;-)

I thought I'd capture some of those interesting posts in a weekly roundup on Saturdays so you could explore them, too. If you find yourself with a few minutes of leisure to surf on the weekends while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), feel free to wander through this list of posts and spend some time reading, reflecting, and relaxing.

Oh, and yes, I did make a catchy little graphic to go with this new Saturday post series. I am a *fool* for a good graphic!! ;-)


:: If you're getting your receipts ready for the 2010 tax year and looking at changes in the 2011 tax code, this post over at Bible Money Matters about the extension of the Child Tax Credit and the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Tax Credit makes for useful, good-to-know reading.

:: 10 Things You Need to Know About Baby Sign Language over at 5 Minutes for Mom makes me kinda wish I had tried signing with my kids when they were babies.  Or maybe not --- I'm having visions of a 18 month old in the midst of a temper tantrum signing angrily at me!  ;-)

:: Gas is sitting at $3/gallon here in SW Ohio but most experts are saying prices will likely rise even higher. Frugal Dad has a good post about how to Brace Yourself for $5 Per Gallon Gas with some common sense tips.

:: I *loved* this post at The Simple Dollar about Young Children, Allowances, and Financial Focus mostly because my hubs & I are big believers in using a modest allowance to help teach our kids about how to manage "their" money, save for what they want, and learn how to wait for the best deal possible. Good reading!

:: This last one is a totally gratuitous plug for a post I wrote over at my personal blog this week. If you have a son who is obsessed with Star Wars, it'll make you chuckle. ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!

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