January 31, 2011

COOK | Pantry Challenge Recipe Linkup for January 2011 {Canned Tomatoes}

Welcome to the first Pantry Challenge Recipe Linkup of 2011!

On the final Monday of each month, my COOK post will feature a recipe to help you use those items that you may have left in your pantry at the end of the month. I'll add a linkup so that you can drop your recipe link as well.

For January 2011, the Pantry Challenge Recipe Linkup ingredient is canned tomatoes.

Alrighty - here's my recipe with a little back story....

One of our fave side dishes that uses canned tomatoes (diced tomatoes, to be exact) is an old family recipe that we call Grinny Beans.  Grinny was the name of my husband's grandmother; they always called her Grinny instead of Granny or Grandma because she was always smiling.  She left this world almost seven years ago and we miss her dearly - she was a wonderful person.

She also was a wonderful cook and most of our family gatherings feature some of her recipes but EVERY family gathering includes this recipe for Grinny Beans.  It's nothing fancy but it's one of those simple comfort foods that we all love eating.  My kids love this so much that they've been known to eat a bowl of it cold for breakfast.  ;-)

I wish I had a picture (I thought I'd snapped one a while ago but I can't seem to locate it in my endless files of unorganized digital images - oy!) to show you; I'll just have to make a batch tonight and add the image later. {Update: I did - and my boys were happy to help eat 'em up!}

Here's the recipe:

Grinny Beans

(1) 14 oz Can Kidney Beans undrained (need the liquid)
(1) 14 oz Can Diced Tomatoes undrained (need the liquid)
(3) TBSP Butter or Margarine
(2) TBSP Flour
(2) TSP Salt
(1/4) TSP Pepper
(1) CUP Spaghetti Noodles (uncooked,  broken into 1-2 inch pieces)
(1/4) CUP Ketchup

:: Cook spaghetti; drain and set aside. 

:: In stockpot, melt butter on medium heat; add flour and stir until thickened (you're making a simple roux by doing this). 

::  Add beans with liquid; stir.  Add tomatoes with liquid; stir. 

:: Add salt, pepper, and ketchup to mixture; bring to a boil then turn heat down to medium/medium low (simmer) and stir until thickened. 

:: Add cooked spagehetti noodles; stir into thickened sauce/mixture.  Simmer (2) minutes.

:: Serve & enjoy!


Want to participate in this month's Pantry Challenge Recipe Linkup? 

Post a Pantry Challenge recipe at your blog that uses Canned Tomatoes as one of it's ingredients then drop your post link in the MckLinky below.  Please include a link to my  COOK | Pantry Challenge Linkup post on January 31, 2011 in your post as well. 

**This linkup will be open until February 27, 2011 so feel free to link up your recipe post later.**

I'm looking forward to seeing all of *your* go-to recipes for canned tomatoes!  ;-)

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