January 24, 2011

COOK | Upcoming Pantry Challenge Recipe LINK UP on Monday, 01/31/11

One of the biggest ways to save money on your grocery bill is to stockpile shop (with our without coupons - obviously, I advocate for doing so *with* coupons, LOL!); if you can identify the items that your family uses week in and week out and then buy a large quantity of those items when they are at their lowest price (again, coupons help lower that price!), you will save money over time.  The more you have on hand in your stockpile, the less you'll need to buy - instead, you simply learn to "shop your stockpile" first before planning your store trips for the coming week.

This does mean that sometimes your stockpile overfloweth  - the end of the month comes and you realize that you've got an abundance of a certain one or certain few items.  If you can share from your stockpile (ie: friends, family, or your local food bank), great! Let your mad couponing skillz be a blessing to others.  ;-)

You can also plan a "pantry challenge" week for the end of the month; simply take stock of your pantry and/or freezer as the last week of the month comes to a close and plan a menu based on what you have on hand.  This can be a great way to stretch your grocery budget for the month; with a little creativity, you'll likely find that you only need perishable items and a few other deals at the stores that week. 

But the creativity part of menu planning from your pantry and/or freezer can be, well...a challenge!

As I simplified my posting schedule for 2011, I decided that for my final COOK post of the month (on the final Monday of the month), it would be fun  - and hopefully helpful to you  - to host a Pantry Challenge Recipe Linkup

For January 2011, the Pantry Challenge Recipe Linkup will be live on Monday, January 31, 2011.  The ingredient theme for 01/31/11 will be.....

{drumroll please}

Canned Tomatoes

{Can you guess what I have an abundance of in my pantry?!}

How can you participate?

--> Post a Pantry Challenge recipe at your blog that uses Canned Tomatoes as one of it's ingredients then drop your post link in the MckLinky that will be available on my COOK | Pantry Challenge Linkup post on January 31, 2011.

I'll share the recipe for one of my family's fave go-to side dishes that uses canned (diced) tomatoes, too.

Looking for recipe inspiration?  Check out some of my fave recipe databases & blogs:

:: All Recipes

:: Recipe Zaar

:: $5 Dinners

:: Once a Month Mom

:: Carrie's Cooking

I'm looking forward to seeing all of *your* go-to recipes for canned tomatoes!  ;-)

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