January 4, 2011

Let's Go Krogering! Week of January 3, 2011 (P&G Mega Event Continues)

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My Kroger Trip, Sunday 1/2/11

Spent: $10.14
Saved: $13.39 (58%)

I dashed in on Sunday to grab the P&G sale items as well as a few donuts & bagels, and my son's fave salad dressing (Kroger Lite Caesar).  And yes, we are crunchy cheese curl fiends around here.  ;-)

Here's the coupons I used:

Charmin, $6.99 | $5.99 after Mega Event discount
$3.00/1, Kroger eCoupon (load to your card here)
Final price: $2.99

Crest Toothpaste, $2.50 | $1.50 after Mega Event discount
$0.50/1, PG 12/26
$0.75/1, PG 12/26
Final price: $0.50 ea

Secret Deodorant, $2.29 | $1.29 after Mega Event discount
$0.50/1, PG 12/26
Final price: $0.29

I headed out to Kroger on Monday morning as usual.  Iit feels good to be back in our normal routine after the fun - but hectic - Christmas break!
My Kroger Trip, Monday 1/3/11

Spent: $40.11
Saved: $43.36 (51%)

Here are the coupons I used on Monday:

Kashi Go Lean Crunch, $2.99 | $1.99 Kroger Special Sale Price (Buy 4, get $4 off at checkout)
$3.00/1, Vocalpoint mailer coupon
(3) $1.00/1, Vocalpoint mailer coupons
Final price: 4/$1.96 or $0.49 ea (AWESOME! I *loveloveLOVE* this stuff!)

Maruchan Yakisoba, $0.99 ea
$0.50/1, SS 01/02
Final price: FREE!

Lean Cuisine Market Creations, $2.14 ea
**Buy (5) get (2) FREE at checkout this week!**
(2) $1.00/2, SS 01/02
Final price: 7/$8.70 or $1.24 ea
(These are great lunches for my hubs to take to work.)

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, $1.99 ea
$1.00/1, RP 01/02
Final price: $0.99 ea

Yoplait Yogurt cups, $0.50 ea
$0.50/4 printable here
Final price: $0.25 ea

Soft Soap 8 oz, $0.88 ea
$0.35/1, SS 01/02
Final price: $0.18 ea

Chef Boyardee Ravioli, $1.00 ea
$0.35/3, SS 01/02
Final price: $0.77 ea

Chef Boyardee Whole Grain Pasta, $1.00 ea
FREE CB Whole Grain Pasta wyb (3) CB Ravioli, tearpad coupon I found instore a month ago
Final price: FREE!

Mirra Poof, $1.00 ea
$0.75/1, Kroger loyal customer coupon
Final price: $0.25 ea

To see the matchups for this week at Kroger, click here (thanks, Savings Lifestyle).

Did you find any unadvertised deals or awesome closeouts at Kroger this week?  Share 'em in a comment below or add your own LGK! post & superstar shopper picture to the linky below.


  1. How many coupons can u use per product? I saw that u used a .50 and a .75 coupon for toothpaste. U can do that?

  2. @Anon- On this trip, I did not buy any toothpaste.

    That being said, you cannot use (2) MFR coupons on (1) product. I often buy multiples of the same product if I have the extra coupons but I don't always note the quantity in my coupon matchup list. Also, even if I only buy (1) of the item listed, I often will list additional coupon sources for the benefit of my readers.

    Hope that helps!

  3. @Anon: I need to apologize; you were looking at my Sunday, 1/2 Kroger trip where I bought (2) Crest toothpastes. My mistake!

    Still, the answer is the same. I used both of those coupons, one on each of the Crest - 1 coupon on 1 product.

    Thanks for reading!


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