January 23, 2011

What I Saved at the Stores | Week 3 of 2011

I share my weekly savings with the hopes that you might be inspired; this weekly post also serves as a means of keeping me on track with my budget goals.  Thank for stopping in to check it out!


I was able to knock out most of my shopping on Monday with my daughter since both my hubs and my kiddos had MLK Jr Day off. My girl is almost ten (!) and she's very good with numbers so she's starting to  "get" how the couponing gig works - it's all about the math.

Kroger 1/17/11

Spent: $48.53
Saved: $90.76 (65%)

 **Read my weekly Let's Go Krogering! post to see the coupons I used to get these deals!**

Aldi 1/17/11

Spent: $22.372
Saved: $0.00
(Gala Apples 3lbs/$1.99 - that's $0.67/lb!)

Save A Lot 1/17/10
(I saw that Save A Lot had PP Peanut Butter for $1.50 ea; since I had $0.50/1 coupons
 *and* since my PB stockpile was empty, I stopped by to grab some.)

Spent: $4.59
Saved: $1.50 (25%)

Kroger 1/19/11
(With snow on the way, I wanted to be sure we had milk for the weekend; I found milk
 that exp. 1/26 on Mgr Special for $1.19 ea  - STOCK up!  I also used some BOGO coupons to get Hershey Bars to use in making chocolate chunk cookies during our snow days. FYI: the OR popcorn has (2) FREE Redbox codes inside -- be sure to check your stores for the specially marked packages.)

Spent: $6.05
Saved: $4.66 (43%)

Weekly Totals:
Spent: $81.32
Saved: $100.98 (55%)

I'm just about on budget this week ($80/week) and with the upcoming Kroger Mega Event that starts Monday, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to come in a bit budget for January.  I also have some RRs (Walgreens) and ECBs (CVS) that I need to use before they expire this week.

FYI, I'm tracking my grocery savings in 2011 with this nifty, already-built-and-ready-to-go spreadsheet that my friend Andrea over at Savings Lifestyle has available for anyone to download & use on Google Docs. I highly recommend it! ;-)

If you're a new frugal mom or are just new to this whole couponing gig, feel free to read through the posts linked below to help you get started.

You can save like this, too!  In fact, I know you can do this; if you're surfing the web reading this site and others like it, you can learn all you need to know. 

If you have any questions, please ask in a comment!  I love to share what I know about couponing and saving money with you -- it's why I write this site.  ;-)  And to my IRL friends who have recently asked for a little one-on-one coupon training, keep asking me questions!  I'm so glad that you're excited about learning the ropes!

Did you save big this week at the stores? Be sure to link your post up over at Money Saving Mom's weekly linkup, Super Savings Saturday.

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