February 9, 2011

Boundless Energy, or Why I've Slacked On Blogging This Week

(I only wish I had that much energy!)

:: Debugged two of our three computers; the last one still waits for me to find a spare hour or two to manually scrub the virus from the hard drive.  Oh what fun waits for me!!

:: Counted, tallied, and counted again the cookie orders for my Girl Scout Troop.  What a way to get my latent OCD tendencies all fired up.  ;-) Count-recount-count-recount!!

:: Met with one of my kiddos teachers - good meeting and I'm thankful that all my prayers were not in vain.  I mostly prayed for myself, peeps; sometimes I'm too quick with words for my own good.

:: Took two rambunctious boys (who happen to be my boys!) swimming.

:: Dropped the little guy at preschool, went to Bible Study with my SFDS momtourage {girls, thanks for lifting me!} then ran back to preschool pickup.

:: Finalized our troop cookie order after having a mini-panic attack when I realized I had TOTALLY SCREWED UP the cookie share donation category.  Several deep breaths and two mugs of coffee {I heart you java} later, had it all fixed which was fantastic because I still had to plan our February meeting for last night and find something outdoorsy for us to do in the dead of winter here in SW Ohio.   We're at a balmy 21 for today's high - brrr!!

:: Washed at least 3 loads of clothes, folded most of them, made seven meals, served up endless snacks to the bottomless pits that are my growing kids, waited after school for my daughter's talent show practice, ran a few miles, hit three pointers from the left and the right side {can I get a WOOT?!} while shooting baskets at the Y this morning with my little guy, took said little guy to swim lesson, then ran up to school to get big brother for his 12-1pm appt with the physical therapist.  I think I've made the drive back and forth from school/church at least 7 times since Monday morning. 

Oh, and yes, I managed to fit a couple showers, some sleep, and some good conversation with Knute in the past couple of days, too.

So why this monster list of a post? 

To tell you what you uber-busy moms already know because you're living some version of it yourself: life has demanded my full attention these past few days.

Blogging -while something I enjoy and am passionate about as a means to help myself - and more importantly - help others, has sat waiting on the back burner of my mind.

Thanks for understanding that I (as I always remind my kiddos) am just one woman
I'll have my Let's Go Krogering! post up for this week by end of day tonight and hopefully will get caught up on everything else.

Thanks for stopping by, for reading, and for subscribing.  My goal in 2011 for TNFM is simple: to make this site a useful resource to you.  I appreciate you hanging in with me while I get 'er done. ;-)

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