February 5, 2011

Coffee & Clicks | February 5, 2011, Edition #6

Welcome to Coffee & Clicks, my weekly roundup of posts from my Google Reader that caught my eye, that made me think, and that just made me laugh. 

Using Google Reader saves me oodles of time; with a few clicks, I can hop through all my fave blogs to get the critical coupon & deal info I use to save big $$.  But whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare in the kitchen (which is where my laptop sits on the counter), I also like to scroll through and read for pleasure.

Coffee & Clicks is my way of sharing those interesting posts with you.  If you find yourself with a few minutes of leisure to surf on the weekends while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), feel free to wander through this list of posts and spend some time reading, reflecting, and relaxing.


:: If you homeschool or are interested in homeschooling, there is a great post series being written by 16 (yes, I said 16!) different bloggers covering 16 unique facets of homeschooling over 10 days. You can see the full list of topics over at The Happy Housewife; she'll be covering 10 Days of Frugal Homeschooling. What a great resource!

:: Foreclosures are likely to peak in 2011 per this post on Two Friends with Foreclosed Homes at Free Money Finance. This, my friends, does not shock me - I can look up and down my street in my little corner of middle-class living in SW Ohio and count about 5 homes I've watched fall into foreclosure over the past two years. The MSM (mainstream media) can chat all they want about the recession being over and unemployment levels coming down - I'm not drinking that Kool-Aid. We're not at the bottom yet, peeps.

:: I was glad to see that Rocks in My Dryer is still Alive and Kicking; I've been missing reading her posts. She was one of the first bloggers I started reading regularly when I stepped into the interwebz in late 2007.

:: I love love LOVE this list of 29 Ways to Keep Me Coming Back to Your Blog Again and Again over at ProBlogger. So simple and so true; I need to implement some of these ideas here - starting with simply getting all my content organized so you can easily find what you need.

:: Headed to a Super Bowl party tomorrow evening and need some inspiration for a snack to bring? Be sure to check out the Super Bowl Snacks & Appetizer ideas over at $5 Dinners as well as the link ups; I'm liking all the avacados and guacamole in the pictures! Mmmmm.....!

Enjoy your weekend!

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