February 2, 2011

CREATE | February 2011: DIY Household Cleaners

I've been working on a DIY custom-fitted and customized t-shirt during January 2011; however, I decided yesterday to omit the "customized" part of adding any rosettes or embroidery. Truth be told, I tend to like my clothes to be simple in terms of color or line - I couldn't honestly see myself wearing something that was too elaborate. Since the custom fitting of the t-shirt fits me well, that's good enough for me on this DIY project

For February 2011, I'm planning on making some simple DIY household cleaners. With coupons and sales, I do pretty well at buying what we need to keep our home clean for pennies on the dollar.

There are a few things we like to use, however, that are a bit spendier and for which coupons/sales can be tricky to find. For those items, I thought it would be wise to *finally* try one of the many DIY household cleaner recipes that are posted around the interwebz. ;-)

Here's what I'll be making:

:: Homemade Febreze (February 8, 2011)

:: Homemade Disinfectant Wipes (February 15, 2011)

:: Homemade Window Cleaner (February 22, 2011)

I'll post a quick vlog of each of these little projects so that you can follow along.

Be sure to check out In 80 Seconds over at Savings Lifestyle this week. Be bold in 2011 - create and add your *own* quick tip vlog to the weekly linkup!

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  1. I love Febreze! My youngest boy plays soccer and his gear has gotten so stinky that I can smell when he comes home from the game. I have ended up replacing his cleats and jerseys so many times just because I can’t get the stink out. I’m working with the new Febreze SPORT collection and it’s been a lifesaver – it is specifically formulated to find and eliminate sweat odors on shoes, apparel and gear: http://on.fb.me/FebrezeSport


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