March 26, 2011

Coffee & Clicks | March 26, 2011 {Edition #11 - Gardening Ideas}

Welcome to Coffee & Clicks, my weekly roundup of posts from my Google Reader that caught my eye, that made me think, and that just made me laugh. 

Using Google Reader saves me oodles of time; with a few clicks, I can hop through all my fave blogs to get the critical coupon & deal info I use to save big $$.  But whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare in the kitchen (which is where my laptop sits on the counter), I also like to scroll through and read for pleasure.

Coffee & Clicks is my way of sharing those interesting posts with you.  If you find yourself with a few minutes of leisure to surf on the weekends while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), feel free to wander through this list of posts and spend some time reading, reflecting, and relaxing.


My 5 year old's bean plants on our kitchen windowsill.

We had a stretch of very warm weather here in my part of SW Ohio - temperatures were in the 70s for a few days and I was able to jumpstart some of my spring gardening plans (I added a foundation bed of shrubs on the back corner of my house). I had plans to work on moving my vegetable square foot garden to a sunnier spot this week but Wednesday brought thunderstorms and hail (!!) and then Thursday brought back the chilly weather - we were back in the high 30s. We might see a couple of inches of snow tonight....ahhhh, it's springtime in Ohio!

Since I've got gardening on my brain, I thought I'd roundup a few useful posts for those of you who are thinking of trying vegetable gardening this year. 

:: My Square Foot Garden has a great list of Easiest Vegetables to Grow in case you find yourself overwhelmed by the choices in the seed aisle at your local lawn and garden center. There are lots of great articles and pictures of her square foot gardens as well; be sure to click around if you're wondering how to get started. Great site!

:: If you're in an apartment and have a balcony where you can container garden, make sure to check out ALL the great gardening ideas at Life on the Balcony. I love this Stylish DIY Container for the Balcony Gardener on a Budget - such a pretty way to add flair to boring terra pots. I think I might draft my kiddos to help me paint some of our containers!

:: I love all things frugal so this list of Seed Sources for Frugal Gardeners at In the Garden Online is one I'll be checking out myself. I especially like the links to the seed exchanges; I have oodles of seed packets in my garage and I'd love to trade what I don't need for what I do.

:: For those of you who don't have the space to garden, did you know you might be able to use space in a community garden near you for free or for a small fee? Be sure to check out the Community Garden Locator at Local Harvest for community gardens in your town.

:: And just for fun, check out Backyard Chickens post for beginners, Raising Chickens 101. I can't have chickens in my backyard (our neighborhood has a pretty detailed home owner's association plus our GSP Brownie would think he'd won the bird dog lottery) but I would love to one day if we have the chance to buy a little bit of land. Mmmm....fresh eggs! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!

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