April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday | April 25-May 1, 2011 {Recipe Links + Printable Grocery List}

I plan my family's dinners in five week blocks to maximize my savings at the grocery store and minimize my stress at dinner time. You can read more about my strategy here in my Q&A post here.

I also answered several more questions about how I plan my big ol' menus and how I stockpile shop the weekly sales with coupons; my goal is to get the best deals on items for my monthly menu plan for the lowest cost.  For more Q&A (because you're just dying to know, right?), click here.


I hope you had a wonderful Easter yesterday with your family and friends.  We had a huge feast and a huge bunch of fun here at my house.  I do love our big family get togethers - it's a guarantee that at least one (but usually more) of us will end up laughing so hard at a joke, memory, or story that we have tears in our eyes.

I've got LOTS of goodies leftover from the feast so my menu plan has a distinctive "ham" flavor - I'm trying to use up the leftover ham so it won't get lost in the back of my freezer.  ;-)

Here's my menu plan for this week - taken from my monthly menu plan for April - with recipe links and a link to a printable grocery list. I've been publishing each week as a separate post; next week, I'll publish a monthly menu version of all (4) weeks as well as a big ol' grocery list for all (4) weeks as well. 

I hope you find it useful!

What I'm baking this week:

Pizza Hut Style Pizza Dough (for Friday night)

Cinnamon CranRaisin Bread


Easter Dinner, The Sequel
(Doesn't that sound better than "Easter Dinner Leftovers"?)


Chicken Enchiladas
Ground Beef Tacos
Chopped Lettuce and Tomato
(Tuesday is always taco and enchilada night at our house!)


Spaghetti and Meatballs
(I've linked a recipe for both the sauce and meatballs and the grocery list reflects the ingredients for the recipe. I'll likely use jarred sauce and make simple meatballs - simple, easy, yum.)


Monte Cristo Sandwiches (these are super YUM!)
Scrambled Eggs
Fresh Fruit


Homemade Pizza (with bread machine dough)
Toppings: Ham, Pineapple, Peppers, Onions


Ham & Bean Soup
Cornbread Muffins


Free night!

**CLICK HERE for the printable grocery list.**

Looking for more menu planning ideas? Hop links over at Menu Plan Monday where hundreds of bloggers share their weekly menu plans.

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