May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday | Fun Summer Lunch Recipes for Kids

I plan my family's dinners in five week blocks to maximize my savings at the grocery store and minimize my stress at dinner time. You can read more about my strategy here in my Q&A post here.

I also answered several more questions about how I plan my big ol' menus and how I stockpile shop the weekly sales with coupons; my goal is to get the best deals on items for my monthly menu plan for the lowest cost.  For more Q&A (because you're just dying to know, right?), click here.


It's hard to believe that summer break is almost here but my calendar insists that it's true - my older two kiddos only have two weeks of school until they're done for the year.

As a mom of three, one of the biggest challenges I have during summer break is feeling like I'm always serving up food from the kitchen. From breakfast through dinnertime, my three kiddos can eat and play...and eat and play...and eat! Did I mention that they're super big fans of food?!?!

{Thank goodness I discovered how to save LOTS of money with coupons a few years back - my food budget would be ginormous by now if I hadn't!!}

Luckily, my oldest was a huge help last summer in the kitchen; she was more than happy to make her lunch every day and help me get her brother's lunches made, too. Now that she's turning ten and her older little brother is turning eight, my goal this summer in the kitchen is to get them both helping even more with making lunch and learning some basic cooking skills.

As I get ready for the summer break, I thought it would be wise to start bookmarking some easy and kid-friendly lunch recipes that they we can make once a week or so to break up the monotony of PB&J. Some of these recipes will require a bit more hands-on help from me than others.

Here are some of the recipes I've bookmarked as "Kid Friendly Lunch Ideas" in case you'd like to try them yourself:

Crescent Dogs

Turkey Roll Ups

Taco in a Bag
(This is a Girl Scout Camp favorite! YUM!)

Fast English Muffin Pizzas

Chip Chicken Lollipops


Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers
(Ok, so this one I picked because it looks good to me!)

Sloppy Joe Pockets

Gooey Toasted PB and J's
(Anything involving Marshmallow Fluff has to be good!)

Grilled Apple and Swiss Cheese Sandwiches

Do you have any great kid-friendly lunch recipe links? Please feel free to share in a comment below!

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