May 22, 2011

Reader Stories | Newbie Couponer Success!

One of the best things about blogging here  - what keeps me blogging here through the busy times and the tough times - is knowing that what I'm doing here really helps people who are new to saving money with coupons. 

I recently received this email from Samantha who is totally new to the wonderful world of saving BIG with coupons:

I have been watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and am absolutely excited to start learning how they do it. I have been learning and researching now for about three days. I have been positively thrilled waiting for my chance to just get one thing FREE!

I ran across your site today at about 8:45 am and printed out some of the coupons to use in the 10 item Mega Sale at Kroger. By 11:30 am I walked out with $103.99 worth of pasta (44 boxes), cereal (4 boxes) and chips (2 bags) ABSOLUTELY FREE! :)

I was so nervous at the cash register that I was shaking, I was so afraid that it wouldn't work and I would be so embarrassed I would have to buy pasta that I never would have bought if it wasn't FREE. But we stood there and watched the price drop and drop until is said, "-$0.50". Words can't describe it!

Now I have really started my stockpile!! My sister-in-law was with my husband and me and she is now addicted too!

With the $0.50 credit at the end and I had to grab a bag of M&M's to use it up. So I spent $0.29!

I so wanted to share this with you because it was so exhilarating I was exhausted (easy to do being over 5 months pregnant with my third baby) by 1:30 after telling so many people! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I will definitely continue to learn the way to coupon and save, save, save!

Samantha, thanks so much for emailing me to share your success! I'm glad that you were able to find the information you needed here at TNFM!

If you're a newbie couponer, here is some recommended reading for you to get started:

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Have a story to share?  Feel free to email me!

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