May 23, 2011

Tide Stain Release Event | Thank You for the Amazing Afternoon at Great American Ballpark!

Yesterday, my family and I were treated to an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime chance to make memories down at Great American Ballpark courtesy of Tide Stain Release and the fantastic and fun Jenny and Emily at Mommin' It Up!

The girls at Mommin' It Up! and Tide teamed up to host a small party for some local SW Ohio bloggers and their families; it was wonderful chance for me and my family to catch up a bit with Andrea at Savings Lifestyle, Amy at Amy in OHio, Shannon at Mommy Bits, and Cortney at Evan Has Landed and their families. My IRL life gets so busy with carting kids around that finding time to get together with my friends who blog is a challenge. It was nice to see their smiling faces again!

The team from Tide Stain Release really went all out for us - we were treated to a fantastic lunch, a visit from Mr. Redlegs, and...drumroll please...a chance to hit some batting practice on the field at Great American Ballpark!

Yes - ya read that right! Batting practice on a major league field - on the REDS field! I'm kinda jittery even typing the words right now - it was THAT overwhelming to stand at home plate and hit a few.

We also received a sample of Tide Stain Release which I plan on putting to good use later today; after a busy weekend that included three ball games for my kiddos (we are a bit baseball/softball fanatic-y around here!) on Saturday, yesterday's once-in-a-lifetime experience at the home of the Reds, and a school sports banquet last night, not only am I totally behind on doing laundry, all of our laundry is sporting a variety of tough stains including dirt, grass, ketchup, chocolate syrup, and something vaguely sticky and unknown (!). Since I've used Tide Stain Release in the past, I know it will knock out all those tough stains and I'm pretty sure it'll put a hurt on the mystery stain, too. ;-)

You can see the video about Tide Stain Release that we watched yesterday (which was short but impressive if you're a mom who faces the dreaded chore of keeping your busy kids clothes clean; I'm all for any product that makes my job as Mom easier) on YouTube here. Be sure to check out the Tide Stain Release Challenge on Facebook as well!

A few fun photos from the day:

My daughter and the divine Miss P posing with Mr. Redlegs (who was just wonderful to all the kids!)

My bunch waiting for their turn at bat.

My hubs getting ready to rip a few - he made that bat SING!

Yours truly, with a BIG case of the shaky nervies as I stepped up to hit. I was glad to get a few!

I wish I had bigger words than just "thank you" for the team from Tide and for Jenny and Emily for the once-in-a-lifetime experience that yesterday turned out to be. We will never forget it and my kiddos are still wide-eyed as they recount every moment. THANK YOU!

And for Knute and I, the day was even more special because we met nineteen (19!!) years ago on May 22, 1992 - what a way to celebrate half a lifetime together!

Thank you SO MUCH!!

*Disclosure: This post is totally uncompensated, unsolicited, and not required as a part of my participation in yesterday's event; I just wanted to give a big shout out to Tide and to the Mommin' It Up! for giving my family the chance to make some killer memories.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better. It was such a great day. SM actually slept with his Reds hat on!

    I agree that it was not only great to get to bat on a real MLB field, but to get to see you gals as well. We're all so busy being Moms, we don't get a chance to get together often enough!

    So wonderful to spend time with you and your family yesterday!


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