July 10, 2011

New eCoupon Site | SavingsStar.com


Savings Star is a new eCoupon site that allows you to create a free account and load ecoupons to you store loyalty card (ie: Kroger).

Much like Cellfire, Shortcuts, or Kroger eCoupons, Savings Star ecoupons ring up at the register when you use your loyalty card.

They do NOT double (if your store doubles) like traditional paper coupons. Also, most stores have changed their register system to only allow one ecoupon or one paper coupon per product (no stacking).

In my experience, this has been a YMMV (your mileage may vary) situation; I've had some ecoupons and MFR coupons stacked that have worked (not intentionally; I've checked out and realized that an ecoupon I loaded a month or so ago was still active on a product for which I used a paper coupon). I've also had the register beep when I used a paper coupon on a product for which I had an ecoupon (again, after not reviewing what was currently loaded to my card).

My best advice for ecoupons: be sure to check the ecoupon sites (Shortcuts, Cellfire, Kroger eCoupons, and now Savings Star) for the highest valued ecoupons - $1.00/1 or more or BOGO - and load those if you will use them. Then make it a point to check your ecoupon accounts before shopping to see what is currently loaded to your card (something I need to myself!) so you can take advantage of the maximum savings opportunities with coupons - both electronic and paper.

Be sure to sign up for Savings Star right here.

Don't have a ShortCuts or Cellfire account? Be sure to sign up for Cellfire right here and Shortcuts right here. And if you shop Kroger or one of the Kroger banner stores (ie: Ralph's, Shaw, etc), you can load ecoupons to your loyalty card right here.


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