September 17, 2011

Coffee & Clicks | September 17, 2011 {Edition #23: Homemade Gifts, Freecycle, Canning Jars & Time to Pray}

Welcome to Coffee & Clicks, my weekly roundup of posts from my Google Reader and beyond that captured my attention.

If you find a few minutes to websurf this weekend while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), wander through these posts and enjoy reading, reflecting, and relaxing.

1. The Happy Housewife is helping all of us craftastic slackers get a head start on our Christmas gifts with her series, 100 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts. Check out the first one, a very useful and very pretty magnetic fabric bulletin board.

2. Have you joined your local Freecycle group yet? I know I've written about Freecycle in the past - maybe it was back in the day of my first version of TNFM, before I took a six month hiatus (translation - I had a very bad case of blogger burnout).

Here's the Freecycle concept in a nutshell. You have stuff you don't need. You list it in your local Freecycle group. Other people who need said stuff can claim it & pick it up. All for FREE. It works in reverse, too (ie: you see stuff listed for free that you'd like.) You can also post ISO items (In Search Of). I love Freecycle! Join your local Freecycle group here; read more about how the whole thing works at the Member FAQs right here.

3. I am loving all the different ideas that TipJunkie has for 48 Homemade Gifts in a Jar. There are lots of the traditional "cookies in a jar" and "soup in a jar" links but check out the off-beat ideas like #46: Canning Jar Lamp. Very cool! And yes, if you are on my gift list this year, you may be the lucky recipient of one of those lovely 48 ideas...assuming I can get my crafty mojo on!

4. Getting Real with God over at Catholic Mom grabbed my attention early this morning as I flipped through my Google Reader. If you're a mom caught in the maelstrom and daily chaos of raising up your family who struggles to find quiet time to pray and reflect, this post is so encouraging.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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