September 18, 2011

Weekly Deals Roundup | September 18-24, 2011

Check out these sites for the best ad matchups around SW Ohio this week:

September 18-September 24, 2011


**HOT! The Mega Event Sale continues through 09/25/11 - buy 10 participating items,
get $5 off at checkout!**

Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of Savings Lifestyle)


Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of Stockpiling Moms)


Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of Cincinnati Cents)


Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of Common Sense with Money)


Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of Bargain Briana)

*Rite Aid*

Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of The Thrifty Mama)

Current deals and matchups here (courtesy of Stretching a Buck)


Current deals and matchups (as of 09/14/11) here (courtesy of Passion for Savings)


Not from my part of SW Ohio but still need matchups for the stores near you?

I encourage you to check The Frugal Map for *your* store. 

The Frugal Map features links to ad matchups from bloggers around the country each week.  If you're a blogger who covers stores in your area that you don't see listed at The Frugal Map, I encourage you to submit your blog to be listed on The Frugal Map.    ;-)


  1. I'm excited to see what your Kroger trip is this week! This is payday week for us and I will be hitting the sales Wednesday i I get my coupons in time. :)

    --- Heather

  2. Heather: I didn't get too much at Kroger on Monday. I'm waiting for my coupons to arrive as well before I do my stockpile trip. There's not too much in this particular Mega Event sale that has me excited. ;-)


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