January 24, 2012

Kroger Game Day Greats Mega Sale 1/23/12-2/5/12 | FULL Participating Items List (LINK)

Image courtesy of Kroger
Are you as excited as I am about the new Mega Event sale at Kroger?  Woohoo!

Many bloggers have already walked their Kroger stores and posted unadvertised Mega Event item lists with coupon matchups. (You can see this comprehensive list courtesy of Southern Savers.)

Because I like to know ALL the items that are participating, I did some clever Googling and located the official Kroger store list of participating items.  While I won't be doing a full matchup for the list (it is HUGE!), I did want to share it with you so you could bookmark it and reference it when planning your Mega Sale couponing extravaganza.  ;-)

Kroger Game Day Greats Mega Event Shopping List with ALL Participating Items



  1. I have a question...will the full list of items you printed be on sale no matter where I live? Do they just advertise specific items but have more on sale? Very confused....

  2. I'm confused as well. My Kroger had no idea what sale I was talking about when I called. Maybe they aren't participating.

  3. Laura Beth Generally, Kroger and stores under the Kroger banner (ie: Ralphs, Shaws, etc), will only have a certain # of the participating items in Mega Event sales in their print ad. The linked list of participating items is from Kroger.com and you should find all of those items tagged in-store. Also, Kroger/stores under the Kroger banner will often have little "postcard" sized flyers in-store with the full list of participating items. You may find these at the front of the store in a display (near the doors) or you may need to ask at customer service.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Anon If you live in a different region of the country, your Kroger sale ad may start later in the week and your Kroger may not have this ad prep yet. Here in the greater Cincinnati region, our sale ad runs Mon-Sun (1/23-1/29).

    My advice to you is to go to Kroger.com, click on "In Store" in the header tabs, select "Weekly Ad" and then you should be prompted to enter your zip code. You'll then select the Kroger store near you (or, if you have a store under the Kroger banner like Ralphs or Shaws, you'll be prompted to select the one near you). You should then be able to see the current weekly ad for your Kroger as well as see when the sale ad week starts and ends near you.

    Hope that helps!


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